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Best Dirt Bike Brand - KTM bikes
John Morrison

10 Best Dirt Bike Brands

So, there you have it – the ten best dirt bike brands in the market today. If you’re looking for a quality machine that will let you tear up the trails, then any of these companies should be at the top of your list.

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10 Best Dirt Bike Handguards
John Morrison

10 Best Dirt Bike Handguards For Enduro and MX Racers

Are you planning to take your dirt bike out? Does it have handguards on?
Handguards on dirt bikes protect your hands. They are simple add-ons that ensure tree branches, trees, and roost do not injure your hands. They also protect the bike levers from rocks and other projectiles. Finally, the handguards keep off rain, wind, and cold from your hands during extreme weather.

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Cycra Plastics
Popular Brands
John Morrison

Best MX and Enduro Racing Parts From Cycra Plastics

Cycra produces some of the best moto plastics. The company is the brainchild of brothers Glen and Kevin Laivins. More than 26 years ago, the two brothers decided to build motorcycles of their own out of the passion and love they had for motorcycles. Their first design studio was based in Columbus, Ohio, and that is where they started the now-famous brand Cycra. 

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MX Racing Reviews

Trail riding on a dirt bike is fun. Most people consider it an extreme sport, but you know how exciting it can be if you have been at it. Of course, there are some risks, and the sport brings out your adrenaline, but that is what makes a successful dirt-biking expedition all the more fun.

I love dirt biking. I rode motocross in the nineties before I got to enduro racing. I gained so much interest in dirt bikes, their accessories, how to make them better, make them safer, and how to enjoy every ride. At Cycra Racing, I provide you with curated advice on dirt bikes. Mine is an all-inclusive resource to help you become better in the sport.

My team and I create the guides on dirt biking safety, reviews of the best add-ons and accessories for your dirt bike, tips and tricks to try when dirt biking, recommendations on dirt bike parts, and much more.

Whether you are going for the more adventurous enduro dirt biking or a motocross lover, we have a guide to help you. We spend hundreds of hours every month testing new products or just finding new ways of enjoying the sport. Every new mountain or track we conquer adds to our knowledge base, allowing us to help you better.
Regardless of the make and model of your dirt bike, we are here to help you. Reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Why Trust Us?

We Love Dirt Biking


Every week, sometimes more than a few times a week, we take our bikes off the road. We know the dangers and the fun and everything in between that comes with riding on beaten trails.

We Test All Products We Recommend


We have tested hundreds of products over the past few years. Our experts are always trying new bikes, from mini bikes to the most powerful bikes on the market.



We have so much experience with dirt bikes, add-ons, and accessories to make the bikes better. As such, we can guide you through the installation process and advise you on the best modifications for your bike.

We Work with Manufacturers


We are always on the lookout for new product models, such as new handguard models, new improvements, accessories, and much more. Manufacturers trust us for honest opinions and reviews of their products.