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The Cycra Probend bar end set for sale is an excellent bike cycling tool that can help you maintain your grip on the bar during rugged trails. Cycra Inc introduced the product specially for crazy riders who want to feel safer when riding on crazy tracks. This product is made from high-quality, durable material and has a fair price.

 When riding your bike through the trails, it’s imperative to keep both your hands on the handlebar, or you’ll fly off to fall into some abyss at any given moment. I recently purchased a set of bar-ends, and I have to admit that they’re outstanding. I was fascinated by the perfectly angled knuckle bar-ends that intensified my grip on the handlebar.

 If you want both hands to remain on the handlebar, you should buy these bar-ends. First, it increases directional accuracy and avoids swerving of the handlebars. The second most impressive fact is the Cycra replacement parts that fit perfectly in rectifying the initial components. Yet, the bar-ends come with superb discounts that you definitely cannot ignore. The differential factorial colors available enabled aesthetics on my enduro bike. Furthermore, the Cycra Probend bar end set is effortlessly polished; therefore, it reduces rust, and that’s a massive win for bike owners.

Product features

 The Cycra Probend bar end set is a high-quality product made from stainless steel. One of the main advantages of this product is that you can use Probend Bar End Set on any handlebars, from the most common ones to the less common ones. The bar-ends come in color black and are very durable. They add style to your bike and protect your hands against blisters and sores.

 Many people are afraid of spending money on something they’re not sure they need. That’s why I decided to list all the great features that these bar-ends have as sheer proof of need. It involves a set of two bars that differ in their angle and shape.

 The product is made of high-quality material and can help riders maintain their grip on the handlebar at all times when riding through the trails. The manufacturer also made these bar-ends compatible with most bike models out there on the market. Here are the features that you’ll find in this product.

  • Replaceable parts
  • Standard composite and alloy bar-ends
  • Reinforced grip knuckle bar-ends

 Additionally, The Cycra Probend bar end set is lightweight for easier portability and adjustments when necessary.

Benefits of the Probend bar end set

 These bar-ends have a robust and sturdy construction and are high-strength aluminum alloy. Cycra manufactured the end caps of solid T6061 billet aluminum, which is much stronger than the cast aluminum on the stock bar-ends. The shape is also streamlined, which helps reduce the wind drag and friction. In addition, these end caps are CNC, so you know they’re precise when they’re made.

 This bar end set features an integrated geared slide system with a stainless steel roller and an aluminum gear reducer, ensuring smooth operation and consistent travel. The gear ratio is 15:1, which means the bar will go 15 inches per revolution. It makes a big difference when you’re trying to get your shifter out of the park. It’s straightforward to install this bar end set, and installation takes only a few minutes.

 Other advantages include the aluminum shift lever, which comes together with this bar end set. It features a very soft, tactile, and smooth action with high-quality construction. The grip is perfectly contoured and crafted so that it fits perfectly in your hand. It helps to prevent hang-ups and accidental shifting, which helps to make your ride smoother. These bar end sets will undoubtedly improve your biking experience on the hardcore tracks downhill.

Overview of the product

 The Cycra Probend bar end set has excellent pros, with some noticeable flaws. 

 The pros of the product include:

  • Aluminum embedded bars
  • Streamline shapes of the bars
  • Increased grip on the biker’s hands
  • Integrated gear system
  • Variation of size
  • Differential factorial colors

 The cons; however, include:

  • Possible lagging of the shifting gear system
  • Faulty bars may cause accidents
  • Rusting when exposed to unsuitable environmental conditions
  • Incompatibility with luxurious bike varieties

 This overview guide will help you to decide whether to buy the product or not. Moreover, professional racers designed this product for ‘daredevils’ who enjoy fast tracks and wild adventures. Dirt track bikers of up to 50 men race using the Probend bar end set for a marvelous road experience without safety concerns.


 Cycra Probend Bar End Set Review is the newest innovation in biking accessories. It is a set of newly-developed bar-ends embedded with aluminum to increase its strength. In addition, Cycra designed the streamlined shapes of the bar-ends to increase grip and control on the bikes.

The Seller integrated Probend Bar-Ends with a gear system, decreasing time and effort when shifting gears while riding a bike, thus preventing accidents on the road. Also, the bike parts are made from premium material high in strength to last long.

 The Cycra Probend Bar End Set Review has made biking more enjoyable and safer for users. Biking has been so much fun with these products, as I have been able to ride for longer durations in speed than my rides before purchasing these bar-ends. With the ongoing discounts on the sale of these products, I would recommend bike users to buy the Probend bar end set and embark on a new riding experience. Visit their website to inquire any further questions about the product. Let us all advance into the future of biking with the Probend bar end set.


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