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Unless your bike has a large windshield or fairings, your hands will be exposed to the harsh environment off-road. It is easy for your hands to sustain injuries from tree branches and flying debris when you ride off a beaten path. To ensure that does not happen, add handguards to the handlebars

You can go for the racer pack CRM that comes ready to install. If the handguard you pick doesn’t come with mounting hardware, you must buy the Cycra Solution Mount System before installation. I prefer a racer pack that I can install fast, but handguards are easy to mount whichever option you pick. 

The Cycra Solution Mount System for Probend Handguards is one of the strongest mounting systems. I have used it and love how it stays fixed even if you fall. It is ideal for dirt bikes with clearance issues. Here is my honest review of the system. 

What is the Cycra Solution Mount System For Probend Handguards?

The Solution Mount System by Cycra is a handguard mounting system designed for tight fit or custom situations. It is available in 7/8-inch and 1-1/8-inch bar clamps, making it compatible with off-road and full-size machines. 

If your machine has clearance issues, this system will offer you the clearance you need for comfort. Cycra is engineering the Probend handguards to provide optimum support for cables, and that rider won’t lose any comfort. Although they work well in most dirt bikes, some bikes might need help getting clearance, and that is where the bar comes in. 

It comes will the mounting hardware you need. There are also mounting instructions to get you through the process with much ease. It is a universal fit, and you can use it for different bikes without any modifications. Cycra Probend solution mount fits perfectly and holds on even during an impact. 

Features and Benefits 

Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum Construction – The simple bar features aircraft-grade aluminum that will withstand impact and last for many years to come. 

Versatile – The mount solution makes it easy for you to mount handguards to machines that have clearance issues. 

Mounting Hardware – You will have the bolts and other mounting hardware needed to connect the mount solution. It is a simple bar that will not present any challenges during mounting. 

Standard 7/8-inch or oversize 1-1/8-inch bar clamps – These standard clamps enhance the versatility of the mount bar so that you can fit it on almost all off-road bikes. 

Made in the USA – All parts have to pass through tests to meet stringent manufacturing requirements in the USA. 

The Cycra Solution Mount System for Probend Handguards continues the legacy that Cycra creates with handguards. Cycra has a host of dirt bikes products, where some models are more than 20 years old. However, this bar is the same quality that bikers trust. 

More Reasons to Love the Cycra Solution Mount System 

Cycra designed the bar with the user in mind. As a result, it is highly effective and valuable for all bikes. In addition, you will find the installation instructions and the quality of the hardware impressive. 

If you have challenges installing the bar, Cycra professionals will help you through. With the bar on, you can install any Probend handguard with ease. Also, You can install your Probend handguard without any other hardware, other than what Cycra provides, or you can install it with this bar for more clearance. 

Once you install the bar, you will feel more comfortable with the handguard. The cables and other components will also get better organization. 

About Probend Handguards 

Cycra has several Probend handguard models. These wraparound handguards protect your whole hand when you ride off the road, which means a rigid back gives you the ultimate protection. 

There are racer packs and bar-backs. You have to buy the U-clamps separately for the bar packs once you pick the handguards. The racer packs come with the installation hardware you need. 

You can go for the Composite ProBend handguards, which feature a composite construction. The shield and the bars are the same pieces. If the shield breaks down, you will need to replace the whole set. This is the only model with that configuration. You only need to replace the shield and keep the bar for a long time for all the others. 

There are many more bar packs and racer pack handguards for you to choose from. For the bar packs, you need the mount solution to install them. If you have a racer pack with clearance issues, the mount solution can help you. 

One of the cool features is the Probend handguards is that their sidebar that connects the guard to the end of the handlebar has a bend. This bend allows you to get your hand on and off the handlebar with great ease. In addition, you will not hit your hand on the bar when you need to place the hands-on or off the handlebar quickly. 

Pros and Cons 


• Durable construction 

• Mounting hardware provided 

• Easy to mount on your bike

• Universal fit to work on different bikes 

• Smooth finishing to retain its look for so long 

• Comes with a generous warranty and return policy 

• Cycra offers one-on-pone help


• The clamps may not fit all bikes 

• Only available in silver color 

• Relatively pricey

• Separately bought clamps are expensive 


You do not need a professional to install handguards. As long as you have the proper hardware, the installation process is simple. Having the right solution mount system makes the mounting process very simple. The Cycra Solution Mount System for Probend Handguards has all the good features that u

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