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Nothing feels as frustrating as riding a dirt bike with soft and weak clamps. This can essentially be derailing and may not provide the best experience regarding the ride and handling. Generally, I had changed my handlebars to the larger 1-1/8 handlebars. Consequently, as I would come to learn. I needed new handguard mounts. At around this time, I had depended on the Zeta mounts for a long time. These mounts were unimpressive, and the general experience was not that great. In essence, changing to 1-1/8 had opened me up for further frustration, and I could not see myself purchasing the Zeta mounts again. This is how I ended up taking my chances with the Cycra U-Clamp Handlebar Mount System for 1-1/8 handlebars. What was the new experience? Considering that I had primarily depended on Zeta clamps, changing the clamps gave me a much better experience. My previous clamps were relatively weak and easy to knock out of place. With just two pieces to fit on the handlebars, the Cycra U clamp is essentially the strongest and cannot be easily knocked around to weaken them.

Understanding The Cycra U-Clamp Handlebar Mount System

 Now, you probably wonder what the Cycra U Clamp handlebar mount system is. Generally, this mounting system is essentially a Handlebar mount system manufactured by Cycra and goes by the brand name Cycra. Typically, it comes as a U-clam Set 1-1/8 inches model commonly referred to as a Renthal Twinwall. Rated at 4.5 out of a total of 5 stars, this product gives you the best experience in regards to mounting and mount rigidity. While the clamp only weighs 8 ounces, the mounting system gives you an excellent grip, which ensures that your handlebars are well mounted and not easy to knock off.

Installing the mount system

 Installation of the Cycra U Clamp handlebar mount system is quite a straightforward procedure. Typically, as far as your handlebars are 1-1/8 inches –typically referred to as fat bars – you can install the handlebars by just fitting them into the handlebars and tightening the grip. However, you might need to engage in handlebar tweaking for other installations to allow you the ease of installation and other feature accommodation such as cable accommodation, air valves, or clickers. Some of the advantages these clamps offer you include adequate lights clearance, giving your dirt bike a great appearance and helping you ensure that the cables and other parts do not get in your way during that desert ride.

 In essence, the Cycra U Clamp handlebar mount system offers you a great way to secure your peripherals such as cables and provides you with the rigid support you need for your handlebars.

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