Best MX and Enduro Racing Parts From Cycra Plastics

Cycra Plastics
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Cycra produces some of the best moto plastics. The company is the brainchild of brothers Glen and Kevin Laivins. More than 26 years ago, the two brothers decided to build motorcycles of their own out of the passion and love they had for motorcycles. Their first design studio was based in Columbus, Ohio, and that is where they started the now-famous brand Cycra Plastics. 

They had a dream, and they obsessed over it. Then, the brothers had an idea to design different motorcycles that were functional and dependable. They did not choose a single type of motorcycle; they designed mini bikes, scooters, and so many others. 

The journey has been long, and the company has experienced so much growth. Today, Cycra operates in a 57,000-square-foot manufacturing plant. In this plant, they carry out all processes from design to production and packaging. According to the founders, bringing all operations under one roof was the best way to ensure they produced quality products every time. 

With everything under one roof, they could control everything from ideation to production process for the best quality motorcycle products. Today, the company operates in Thomasville, NC. They have the CNC machine shop, the paint workshop for all their products, a plastic thermoforming facility, and an injection molding facility. 

Why Do Cycra Plastics Stand Out? 

Cycra has produced motorcycle plastics for more than 26 years. They create dynamic designs, and the production process is so smooth for the best quality products. The sales department is always looking for the best way to better your experience and enjoy your riding experience every time.

The fact that they create all their products under one roof means they have control over all processes. As a result, they can develop products with great precision. In addition, the fabrication process is closely monitored to ensure that every product meets the customers’ needs.  

The founders love to design and build motorcycles and ride and race with them. They are the producers of the products, but they are also consumers because they use the same products on their motorcycles. This passion and the experience in motocross racing drive the innovations of new products. 

Before each handguard or other plastic part is released to the consumers, Cycra rigorously tests it to ensure it fits the intended target. They test these products under different conditions and in different seasons. We have also tried most of their products, and you can see our recommendations on our pages. 

Cycra Hand Shields

What Products Does Cycra Offer?

Cycra has all the motorcycle plastics you need. However, besides plastic, they use composites and aluminum materials. Some of the products you can have from the manufacturer include:

Cycra Dirt Bike Handguards 

Cycra offers two main types of handguards:

  • Open handguards: also known as handshields, are simple and only attach to the bike off the end handlebar end. Unless you are knocking trees, these handshields will meet your needs and are easy to remove in case of a fall.
  • Closed handguards: come with a mounting bracket on both sides to attach to the handlebar end and center. They offer excellent protection and are more resistant to impact than open handguards. These are also known as wrap-around handguards.

Open Handguard Models

  • Stealth Handshields 
  • Primal Handshields 
  • Rebound Handguard 
  • Stealth DX Handshield 
  • Cyclone Hand Guards 

Closed or wrap-around Handguards

All handshields come as complete packs ready to install and start using. The wrap-around options are either bar packs or racer packs. Racer packs come with the hardware needed for installation, while bar packs require you to buy clamps and installation hardware separately.

They also offer replacement parts for your handguards, including handshields, clamps, and mounting brackets. 

Cycra Plastic Parts for Dirt Bikes 

There are so many plastic motorcycle add-ons that you can buy from Cycra. They include:

  • Front stadium plates
  • Front fender
  • Rear fender
  • Radiator shrouds and louvers
  • Side panels
  • Fork guards
  • Powerflow body kits

You can replace stock parts with these add-ons when you need more functionality. There are replacement parts for these plastics to meet your needs. 

Protection Add-Ons 

You can protect any part of your dirt bike with plastics. Some of the products offered by Cycra include full armor body skid plates, disc covers, speed armor skid plates, and full combat skid plates. 

Cycra Racing Accessories

Motorcycle Accessories 

Your dirt bike needs some accessories, and Cycra offers you these. Some of the accessories you can buy here include Cycra pro bar pad, moto stands, grip armor, tie-downs, fork protection pads, grip donuts, fender key chains, stadium plate key chains, and moto stand replacement mats, among others.


The Cycra Success 

Cycra is a brand for all motorcycle users. So whether you need protection from debris and roost when you ride off the road, or you need to get rid of stock plastics for a customized look, Cycra has you covered. 

It is a brand for Motorcross professionals. If you are taking part in the competition, you need to protect your bike and protect your hands. The protective plastics and the handguards are fantastic for Motorcross dirters. However, motocross professionals need light add-ons, which Cycra provides for them. 

Even if you are an enduro rider, you need to keep your dirt bike and hands protected. The popularity of Cycra among professionals and the consistently good quality of their products has made them successful. 

Cycra is ever producing new products and improving existing models. The use of aircraft-grade aluminum for installation brackets and the use of injection-molded or double-injection molded parts make their products long-lasting. Plus, they have replacement parts in case any of the accessories breaks. See what they are up to on FacebookTwitterYouTube, or Instagram