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I recently purchased new handguards for my motorcycle, and I was torn between getting the cheap ones or going for something a little more expensive. I’m glad that I went with the Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars because they’re much easier to mount, and you never have to worry about them peeling or slipping off.

I already had these handguards on my old dirt bike, but after a few heavy falls, one of which resulted in me sliding over one of the bar ends, these handguards were looking pretty rough.

I decided to go with the same brand again because they’re known to be one of the most reliable handguards for Dirt Bikes, and Motocross is a very demanding sport. Plus, I had already used them in a pretty rough way, and they still looked pretty great after four years or so.

The handguards come in two parts: a left and a proper guard. The handguards are made of carbon fiber, high-quality Zytel and come with a taper if you don’t want the fit to be perfect. The items are available in 8 factorial colors and make the look of the flex bars look even more awesome!

The handguards only fit one of the fasst bars, but there is no problem with that, as I said before. The handguards are adjustable so that you can move them up and down for your suitability.

Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars Details

Cycra Probend Flexx Bar Handguard System uses shock-absorbing Fasst Flexx Handlebars to keep your hands comfortable and safe. They are available in two types: the fiberglass-reinforced handguard and the heavy-duty composite-reinforced fiberglass handguard. The latter handguards feature a large, extended shape and a weight reduction. 

You can easily install Probend’s with no tools required. The heavy-duty composite-reinforced fiberglass handguard has supported housing and is available in various colors. The manufacturer has made the inner liner from the same revolutionary material used on the Jammer frame sliders.

Cycra Inc designed material to absorb energy, disperse it, and not crack or break. It also absorbs water, reducing wear and heat; However, the handguards do not fit handlebars with more than a 1″ diameter handlebar clamp area. The heavy-duty and lightweight handguards have standard background specs that impose dilemmas to the biker’s mind during purchase. These specs include:

  • Alloy bar ends
  • Trademark Probend Design
  • Inbuilt shock-absorbing benefits
  • Replaceable plastic shields are available
  • Differential colors

 The handguards have an estimated 14.5 x 10 x 3 inches for easier portability between motorcycles. The originality of these particular flexx bars handguards allows for comfortability in dirt bikes, Motocross, and enduro bikes. In addition, they provide luxury and safety to the daredevils that risk intense travels and hunger for fun or competitions.


 I love the thrill of rolling down a mountain on my dirt bike without fear of accidents or discomfort while I race my big brother to the bottom of the hill. I could only dream of this, but the Cycra Probend Fasst flexx bars turned it into reality. It covers both muscular and unmuscular fellows without discrimination of size.

 The fundamental advantage of this different piece is the confidence it gives the rider. The handguards can excite a race of about 50 men as none will fear falling or crushing down. In addition, the handguards have no bounds to age limits, so why not race your granddad down the hill in one of these great Cycra Probend Fasst flexx bars?

 The subsequent pros include:

  • Lightweight and rigid, no rattle at all
  • You can easily remove them, excellent for transporting your bike in a car or train. Just like if they were not on the bike
  • Very stylish and beautifully made
  • Adds very little weight to the front end
  • Excellent grip and superb control
  • Easy to install, no tools required.

 When I purchased my stylish black handguards, my riding career went through the roof. I could do stunts and flips as I rolled down the hill. It attracted offers from various brands as they believed in my talents. You now know the secret, so what are you waiting for? 


 Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, however much exceptional the Probend handguards are. It acts as a disclaimer to warn you on what to expect after owning a pair for yourself. The cons include:

  • Sound Insensitivity
  • Easily gets dirty
  • Damaged by harsh environmental conditions
  • Faulty screws cause inconveniences

 I had them on my Yamaha dirt bike for two years, and they never fit correctly. There are a lot of other screws and parts that have to be kept in place during a ride, and they hardly ever did. They also rattled a lot and made noise all the time on the road.

 I finally got tired of it, took them off, and replaced them with the Cycra HD Universal handguards, which work perfectly. Unfortunately, under the duration of use, since I haven’t crashed with my bike yet, I cannot comment on the durability aspect of these bars.

 With great handguards comes great emotional responsibility, which gets tainted by the wild experience of the Cycra Proband Flexx handguard system that limits shock transmission to the arm. It is a high risk since you, as the rider, will not know when to quit a dangerous routine. The Cycra Proband Flexx Bar handguard system blends in perfectly with the body system, showing no signs of weakness.


 The Cycra Proband handguards performed well, and I am sure they would have done a great job protecting my hands in a crash. The Proband flexx bar handguards come with both shorty and full length that fit right under the brake lever on most bikes, eliminating the need for any modifications to your bike. In addition, the Probands come in several colors to match your bike and are lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and easy to install.

 These characteristics come in handy when you anticipate perfection in the form of comfortability and protection from errant objects in your path. I am sure these handguards would be well suited for any riding experience.

 I recommended my big brother purchase these outstanding Cycra Fast Flexx bars, and he is unstoppable on the tracks. His remarks and reviews strengthened my confidence in choosing these particular products over any other substitution. It is time to advance your dirt track experience by purchasing a pair of these flexx bars, and you will never have to worry about safety. 

 What I Liked most is that the Proband handguards come in short or full length providing greater than adequate protection for your hands. Moreover, the materials used in manufacturing the Proband handguards are lightweight and durable and resistant to rust and other elements that can be harmful at times.

 To get the best possible results, we recommend reading this entire review. We feel that it will provide you with a comprehensive guide to all of the features and specifications of this product.


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