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Cycra has a long list of handguards models. The Cycra Primal handguards are among the strongest and one of many that feature injection molded composite construction. I love their utter simplicity that doesn’t affect how they protect you. I tried these handguards once in one of my dirt bikes, and they are ideal for all situations. 

They are a good starter set. You can mount this on your dirt bike in a couple of minutes, even if you have not installed handguards before. Once mounted, the sets look sleek on your bike. You can have them on small or extra-large dirt bikes, and they will look impressive. 

What Makes the Cycra Primal Hand Guards Stand Out?

Cycra touts itself as the “never stock, never replicating” company. As a result, their handguards and products are better than the stock options your dirt bike might offer. But, again, each of the handguards is unique to fit the needs of different users. 

The Cycra Primal Hand Shields offer maximum protection while delivering comfort. In addition, the manufacturer takes them through thorough testing to ensure they meet all your needs regardless of how beaten the trail you ride is. 

The injection-molded composite ensures that your Cycra Primal handshields are strong enough to offer the needed hand injury protection and to last long. In addition, the handguards are ideal for users who require a simple and easy-to-install hand protection set. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Injection Molded Composite Construction – The hand shields can resist average impact during a ride in a beaten path and resist scratches to last long. 
  • Slim and Low Profile – The handguards look sleek in their slim profile, and they still offer the protection one needs. They look imposing on small dirt bikes. 
  • Complete Set – You have everything you need to install these handguards out of the box. The shields and brackets and the screws required are in the set for quick installation. 
  • Versatile – They install on mini bikes and also fit larger dirt bikes. They are a universal fit and will work well with most bikes. 
  • Rotating Bolt Plate – You can mount the handguards below or above the levers as you see fit. 
  • Simple Design – The simple design makes these handguards easy to install, and you have the instructions you need to get started. 
  • Seven Color Options – Pick from a choice of seven colors to match the primary color of your bike. 

Pros and Cons


  • Seven color options
  • Easy to install 
  • It comes as a complete set 
  • Fits most bikes 
  • Sleek profile 
  • High-quality construction


  • May not fit some bikes 
  • A slim profile may not be ideal in some situations 
  • It looks small on large bikes 
  • Doesn’t leave much space for cords and cables management


Handguards offer you protection from roost and debris. The Cycra Primal Handguards sport a unique slim design of injection-molded composite. They are not as broad as wrap-around options, but they still offer full protection. Follow the provided instructions to install or call Cycra to get more installation instructions. Also, check out the handguards on the Cycra website here

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