Cycra Probend Handguards​: Review Of 2022

Cycra Probend Handguards
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Table of Contents

Meet Cycra Probend Handguards: Our All-New Handguards For Your Dirt Bike

Cycra’s Probend Alloy Handguards is an affordable option that can be easily installed in minutes or simply replaced if they’re damaged! They made these handguards from lightweight aluminum and designed to protect your hands and control levers. They also use larger knobs for the controls to make them easier to grip when you’re wearing gloves.

Cycra creates The Probend Handguards for motorcycles to enhance the aesthetics of your bike. Unlike most handguards, you can find Probend’s in different colors. You can also customize them to fit the exact size of your handlebars. The manufacturer made The CYCRA Probend Alloy Handguards from aircraft-grade aluminum, a durable material that offers excellent protection and a comfortable fit.

Will Cycra Probend Handguards Fit On My Dirt Bike?

The ProBends are an integral part of any bike. If you have bent bars on your motorcycle, you can easily replace them with a ProBend Bar Pack kit. This kit comes with new handguards and shields, as well as a set of curved bar end mounts. The kits also include natural shields. The kit is available in various colors and comes with natural or synthetic guards.

The ProBend Handguard Kit is a kit that includes new bars and shields, bar end mounts, and bumpers. These bars and guards are compatible with any Cycra handguard mount. Natural and synthetic shields are also available. These shields are available in several colors and can be customized to fit any motorcycle. There are also kits for customizing bars and levers.

Best Dirt Bike Handguards Currently On The Market?

Professionals designed The ProBend Handguards to protect the hands and levers while riding. The kit comes with natural shields and bar end mounts. Are compatible with all dirt bikes. It is a universal option for a complete kit. The ProBend Handguards for Motorcycles are available in a variety of colors. You can purchase equipment separately and install it on any bike.

The ProBend Handguards can protect your hands from the elements as you ride. The ProBends are also designed to protect your levers. They are available in many colors and are an excellent choice for a safe and stylish motorcycle. All of the kits come with natural shields, so you can choose whichever guards match your style. In addition, you can buy A ProBend Bars separately so that you can match your bike’s style to your motorcycle.

How To Install Probend Handguards On A Dirt Bike?

The ProBend Bar Pack is a replacement kit for bent ProBends. This kit contains new bars, shields, and bar end mounts. Cycra designed All ProBend bars to work with all Cycra Mounts, and they are easy to install. In addition, they are very durable and offer complete protection. These handguards are a must-have for your bike. If you ride a motorcycle, it is imperative to protect your hands.


You can buy The handguards in a variety of styles and colors. Moreover, The Cycra’s Probend Alloy handguards are perfect for motorcycles and scooters. They are designed to fit almost any style and size. Because they’re universal, they fit on almost any motorcycle. However, some riders find them too bulky or too thin. They need to be adjusted to fit properly.

Bike enthusiasts and professionals alike have trusted Probend for its high-quality design and engineering. These handguards are no different, with their medium profile and minimalist design providing a strong defense from the elements. They’re also incredibly affordable compared to many of its competitors on the market, so they won’t break the bank either!