Cycra Stealth DX Handguards


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum brackets 
  • Injection-molded plastic hand shields 
  • It Fits 7/8-inch or 1-1/8-inch handlebars  
  • Attaches above or below levers Price: $55.91 (as of 10/04/2023 03:52 PST- Details)


The Cycra Stealth DX Handguards are lightweight and easy to install.
They are styled for MX riding style but will fit most dirt bikes.
If you are looking for affordable racer packs, these handguards will meet your needs.
Cycra offers them a complete set with simple mounting instructions. 

I love their simplicity. Although handguards feature a plastic construction, they still meet your protection needs when you ride off a beaten path.
I tested these handguards for ruggedness, and they sure deliver when you need them. Once you mount them, your dirt bike will be ready for any challenge you present. 

What Makes the Cycra Stealth DX Handguards Stand Out?

The Stealth DX comes as a complete set.
You will have the right and left handshields, plastic bolt plates, C clamps, Stealth aluminum brackets, and Philips head clamp bolts in the package.
These are all the items you need to mount the handguards. 

You can mount the handguards above or below the lever.
The mounting position will depend on how much control and space you need on your bike.
No matter the mounting method you choose, the handguards offer complete protection.
installation takes less than an hour as long as you have the right tools. 

Firstly, these handguards feature injection-molded plastic construction.
Secondly, plastic is among the toughest in the industry.
Finally, they resist scratches and average impact during a ride off the road.
Further, Cycra adds an in-molded rubber edge that enhances protection from brush and roost. 

Features and Benefits

  • Full Set – You have the brackets, clamps, handshields, and bolts needed to install the handguards in your package. 
  • Aircraft Quality Billet 6061 T-6 Aluminum – The brackets feature high-quality aluminum construction to withstand the heaviest impact off the road and last for years to come. 
  • Replaceable Handshields – The brackets will last for many years to come. If the plastic handshields crack from heavy impact, you can replace the handshields and continue enjoying protection. 
  • In-Molded Rubber Edge – This unique feature ensures that you have more protection from brush and roost while riding off the road. 
  • Rotating Bolt Plate – if you prefer your perch where levers are low, you can install the handguards above the levers. If you prefer perches where the levers are high, install the brackets below the levers, depending on the control you need. 
  • Versatile – It fits 7/8-inch bars or the larger 1-1/8-inch bars with ends that taper to 7/8 inches. 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install 
  • Mounting hardware provided 
  • Offers full protection 
  • Highly durable aluminum brackets 
  • Versatile as a universal fit
  • Can install above or below the levers 


  • It May not fit a few bikes 
  • The plastic is weaker than composite 
  • Small vents do not cool your hands during hot weather
  • Colors are not conspicuous as black dominates 


Injected molded plastic has several benefits.
First, it is more robust than ordinary plastic, so you can have it for a couple of years before your handguards need replacement.
The Cycra Stealth DX Handguards are simple for easy installation, and they offer you complete protection.
Check these handguards out on the Cycra website and pick your favorite color to match your bike. 

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