Cycra Rebound Handguards Racer Pack


  • Billet aluminum mounts
  • Molded rubber edge 
  • Wide color selection 
  • Under or over bar mount possible Price: $65.00 (as of 10/04/2023 03:52 PST- Details)


When I need to ride in the most rugged terrain, I choose the Rebound handguards from Cycra. They are a racer pack set, so you never need to buy any other hardware to install them. I love so many things about these handguards, from the simple design that is easy to install to the durability of the set. 

They look bold and tough, and they live up to their look to protect your hands and give you your money’s worth. Further, I love that it is a universal fit that mounts to different dirt bikes without the need for extra hardware besides what they provide. Here is what you need to know about Cycra Rebound Handguards. 

What is the Rebound Handguard Racer Pack

The Rebound Handguard Racer Pack by Cycra is one of the strongest handguards on the market. It is an ideal choice when you take your dirt bike to areas with a lot of debris. The manufacturer rigorously tests the handguards to ensure they are functional and durable enough to last for many years. You can take this as an alternative to the popular wrap-around systems. In addition, it comes with a patented folding shield design for when you need to make unexpected departures. 

This independent-mount system is unique in its design, highly functional, and dependable. The rebound technology is one of the strongest of the manufacturer. It seeks to cater to the different preferences from dirt bike enthusiasts by providing a full range of motion. 

This set of handguards comes in handy when you need strength. The manufacturer claims to test it in the most rugged off-road condition, and the handguard stood the test of the wild. As a racer pack handguard, you have everything you need to mount it on the bike’s handlebar without the need for extra hardware. 

It will take less than one hour to install the set, and you are then good to ride. Once installed, the handguards can protect you from the cold, thanks to the solid construction. It also keeps off the heat with two small vents on the upper side. This way, it is a unit for all seasons and all bikes. 

Features and Benefits

  • Strength – The Rebound Handguards can completely resist damages from trail debris and protect your hands from all sorts of items while you ride. 
  • Goes Through Testing – Before their release into the market, the handguards undergo vigorous testing in different terrain to ensure they are durable and dependable in all off-road conditions. 
  • Alternative to Wrap-Around Systems – This handguard set meets the needs of several bikers, thanks to its simple and unique design. 
  • Patented Folding Shield – The folding shield protects you when you make quick departures, so you never have to worry about the safety of your hands at any time. 
  • Made of Billet Aluminum – The strong billet aluminum will last for many years to come, and it couples with a reinforced backbone on the shield for added strength. 
  • Molded Rubber Edge – The rubberized edge provides further protection, ensuring that your hands are safer and your handguard will last longer. 
  • Over- or Under-Bar Mounting – You can choose where to mount the handguard, whether over the bar or under the bar, to allow quick installation and allow you enough area to control your hand. 
  • Choice of Seven Colors – You can choose your favorite color or a color that matches your bike from black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange, and green. 
  • Versatile – The handguards fit standard 7/8-inch bars, or the larger 1-1/8-inch bars with tapering ends where ends are 7/8 inches. 
  • Mounting Hardware Available – The handguards come ready to install with all mounting hardware provided in the package. It will take you about 30 minutes with the necessary tools, and you will be good to start riding off the road. 

Why Pick Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack?

Cycra has products dating back 20 years. Over the period, the manufacturer has honed their innovations to make their handguards more dependable. The use of high-grade aluminum, high-quality plastic, and composite materials makes the handguards sets you can trust. 

Because the Rebound Handguards are a racer pack set, they are easy to install. Any biker with installation experience will find the mounting process simple. In addition, because this handguard is a universal fit, you can mount it on any of your dirt bikes. 

All Cycra handguards are products from the USA. They meet strict manufacturing standards and regulations before they come into the market. Besides the industry standards, Cycra has its standards. They expose the handguards to rigorous tests to ensure they are functional enough for all bikers. 

Cycra offers support when you need it. For example, if you have challenges mounting the handguards or you miss some of the installation hardware, call the company support team and get help. 

Users love the Rebound Handguards. According to the reviews I browsed online, users love the strength and durability of the handguard. Most also claim that it is comfortable and allows enough space to control one’s hands. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Highly durable 
  • Easy to mount with mounting hardware available 
  • Complete protection from large debris
  • Unique design for more protection 
  • Ideal for all seasons 
  • Ready to install out of the box
  • Comfortable after installation


  • It does not resist heavy impact very well 
  • May develop light scratches 
  • May not fit on some bikes
  • The diggers may bend a little on impact 


Every biker needs handguards. You need these handguards even more if you take your bike off the road and through beaten trails. Strong handguards are good at protecting your hands and ensuring that you get value for your money. The Cycra Rebound Handguard Racer Pack is easy to mount and robust. If you ever drop your bike, the damage will only be minor, and you can correct that. They offer overall protection from injuries, cold, and too much heat. Whether you use your bike a few times a week or several times a week, they will protect you. Check them out on Cycra


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