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A handguard is one of the simplest upgrades you can make to your dirt bike. The Probend Ultra Handguards made by Cycra is one of the top handguards you can add to your bike. 

I love it because of its dual-use. Unlike the Probend Racer Pack CRM, the Ultra has ventilation to keep you cool during hot days. When winter comes, you can cover these vent holes to keep your hand warm and protected. The removable guard makes it highly versatile while saving you from roost and debris. 

I have used the Probend Ultra Handguards for a long time. Besides the simple features above, there is much more to love about this handguard. Here is my honest review. 

What is the Probend Ultra Handguards, and Who Needs It?

Probend Ultra Handguards were designed for the most rugged terrains. They have high-quality plastic parts that can handle abuse off the road for years. In addition, there is a replacement for these parts so that you can keep your handguard for years. 

You will find the Probend Ultra Handguards easy to install when replacing the stock handguards. You will never need a quick bend before installation, which means you do not even need a professional to help you mount it. Although they easily slip into the handlebars, they offer a good fit. 

Like other handguards from Cycra, the Probend Ultra allows extra space where your cables and hoses pass through without any form of interference. You also have the chance to adjust the levers without facing any challenges. Even with that space, they still stay in place even after impact. 

If you install them right, they protect your hands and the levers without causing any damage to the bike components. Because this is a center reach mount, CRM, handguard, it offers excellent clearance with a solid and strong mount. 

There are several points of adjustment to give you further a good fit and enhance comfort. They fit a wide range of bars so that your bike and your ATV have handguards you can trust. Check out the Cycra Probend Ultra Handguards and pick a color that meets your taste. 

You can try these handguards today. Pick a pair here, and you will get many years of service. 

Features and Benefits

  • Probend Shape – This unique shape lets you slide your hand in and out of the handlebar without any challenges and offers maximum protection from roost and debris. 
  • Center Reach Mount – The clamps allow maximum bite for the handguards’ stability and allow maximum clearance on a wide range of bars. 
  • Updated Design – The new model has an updated design that allows even more allowance for air fork top caps for added comfort. 
  • Better CRM Bar Design – There is a rise bent on the CRM bar, allowing better management for cables and hoses. 
  • Beefy Clamps – These clamps feature large Allen bolts with a thick arm, making the handguard fit well and remain in place even after an impact. 
  • 6061 Aircraft Aluminum – This material can create different bar thicknesses for outstanding strength and durable handguards. 
  • Index Bolt System – You will have several position options when mounting your handguards, and your bars will be tight and fixed in position. 
  • Low Profile Bolt Heads – The heads of the bolts do not interfere with the cords and other components of the bike.
  • Ergonomic Profile – The new design looks sleek and is highly ergonomic and comfortable. Once installed right, it does not interfere with how you ride your bike on rugged terrain. 
  • Removable Ventilation System – The guard has ventilations at the top and the bottom to allow in cool air during hot months while still offering maximum protection. You can replace this ventilated guard with the solid one during cold days. 
  • Plastic Design – Although you can replace the plastic parts, they are designed strong enough to last long, thanks to the injection-molded construction that offers balance and strength. 

More Benefits 

The Probend Ultra Handguards was designed with the user in mind. It offers a firm grip and will protect you when the conditions get rough and tough. So even when you ride through the most unforgiving dirt, the handguards stay on and protect you. 

You can use it for Enduro, Dirt Bike, and Supermoto applications. Thanks to the versatility and universal-fit construction, you will find these handguards helpful on several motorbikes. You can also use them on your ATV. 

It is available in various colors, with eight colors to choose from. You can match these with the color of your bike. Your handguards come ready to install with all the installation hardware provided in the package. 

The installation instructions are easy to follow through. If you have the necessary tools, you never have to call a professional to help you through. The mounting process will only take a couple of minutes, and you are good to go. 

Cycra has for more than 20 years shown how dependable they can be. When you have any of their products, you are assured they will last long to meet your needs. In addition, the new designs are more functional. Besides protecting your hands, they protect your bike’s other components and ensure you stay comfortable. 

These guards are specially designed for dirt bikes. If you take your bike off the road, you will benefit from the handguards. They will serve you for many years. If any plastic parts break down, you can always go for a replacement. 

What Do Users Say About Ultra Probend Handguards?

Many other users, like me, have found the handguards helpful. According to most of the reviews, I saw online, the Cycra Probend Ultra Handguards are worth their price. Most users love that they are easy to install, and they offer maximum protection once installed. 

The materials are also high-grade for durability. Even the plastic parts will give you many years of service. Moreover, if any plastic parts break down, you can get an affordable replacement. 

Besides that, the users love the looks, especially the wide range of colors and the rugged look. It covers your entire hand once you install it, and this is what you need when you ride on high speed on a beaten trail off the road. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Offers universal fit 
  • Accommodates a wide range of bars 
  • Maximum allowance for comfort 
  • Easy to mount with all mounting hardware provided 
  • Long-lasting 
  • You can replace Plastic parts. 
  • Protects your hands against weather extremes 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Available in different colors 


  • Relatively pricey 
  • The ventilated option may allow small debris through 
  • Does not fit well with FLEXX bar
  • Has less durable plastic parts


The Probend Ultra Handguards is one of the most advanced dirt bike handguards. If you need maximum protection, it offers you just that. I have used it for many years, and it is impressive wherever you ride and wherever you take your bike. It is easy to install, and once installed, it offers a great fit. Even if you fall, the protection stays on to provide further protection. Besides the protection they offer, the handguards look bold too. They will make you look fast and add to the dirt bike’s boldness. 

Pick a pair if you would like to try these awesome handguards.

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